Top 10-rated universal lipsticks for all types of lips

The world of fashion has gotten quite big. Previously, fashion was thought to be limited to clothing and footwear, but nowadays, it can be found just about wherever. It is not only confined to garments and shoes. Make up is becoming also the vital component of fashion. People who aren’t in style are viewed as being stodgy and dated by their peers. One of the components, or perhaps a gadget, that contributes to your overall attractiveness is your lipstick. The ten best-rated lipsticks will be discussed in this post.


Clinique Almost Lipstick is one of the top 10 rated lipstick. People have responded KROWD enthusiastically to it, and it now has users in every country. Users of this lipstick state that it is not simply a lipstick as it adds a shiny look to your lips.


The most well-known lipstick brand in the world is Revlon. The success of this business resides in its quality and diversity of hues that are offered for lipstick aficionados. When applied to the lips, this lipstick gives users a sense of security. Many more costly products do not deliver the same level of comfort as Revlon, though. In addition to not drying out your lips, this lip balm is also more durable.

Estee lauder

Next in the line of 10 most highly rated brands of lipstick is Estee lauder. These are pure colour and long lasting lipsticks. It’s a tad pricey, but the company claims that it will last longer than comparable products. Many people who use this brand say that they don’t have to be concerned about their hair’s form or colour after applying it early in the morning.

Lip colours by Sonia Kashuk:

Known for both its low price and outstanding quality, Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color has become a household name. Sensitive skin and lips will benefit greatly from the use of this lipstick. As many people feel uncomfortable with numerous brands as their lips get dry due the usage of such lipstick but this brand does not leave your lips dry this is the reason of its success.

Other brands of lipstick:

Other brands that are featured in the top 10 include Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color, Neutrogena Moisture Shine Soothing Lip-Sheers, Nars Lipstick, Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip colour, NYX Round Lips, MAC Mattene Lipstick. The prices of these lipsticks aren’t all that different, but they’re of the highest quality, and they come in a wide range of eye-catching shades. This is the fundamental reason of their success and because of this they are renowned around the world.


The top ten best-selling lipstick brands are discussed in detail, along with the reasons behind their success.