Tips on How to use lipstick on dark lips to look younger than real age

Some girls sometimes have dark lips and when they apply dark lipstick on it they don’t seem cool and as a consequence ladies with dark lips avoid using dark colours on their lips or even sometimes they start disliking lipsticks and do not use it. However, this is not the solution, which will be explored more in the following paragraphs.

The Most Important Hint:

First of all females should recognise that they are distinct from one other and they all are attractive in different ways. I will share KROWD with you some of the approaches so that you may have any sort of nature and colour of lipstick on your lips whether dark or light. The secret here is to use a foundation on your lips before applying lipstick if you want to use it on dark lips. You should keep one thing in mind that the foundation used by you should complement your skin. While applying this foundation on your face also apply it on your lips. Does not apply the foundation too much on lips only massage it little on the lips? After applying the foundation use your fingertips to further make it level with the skin colour.

Applying a foundation in the proper manner

Let the foundation dry on your lips once you’ve applied it. Wait for few minutes and let it dry so that the foundation and lipstick are not intermingled. Once you’ve decided on a hue, go with something you’re passionate about. As a result, this approach no longer displays the true colour, which was a problem earlier. Other benefit of this procedure is that now your lipstick will also last longer as before. There is no question that various people have different sorts of lips and their hue but this is the technique to counter dark lips on which lipstick does not fits.

Use of Chap Stick:

As a result, you are free to use any hue you like without worrying about it being overly strong. You should not be hesitant of utilising any colour with this approach. You don’t have to limit yourself to using foundation. You may also use Chap Stick or Vaseline instead of foundation. They’ll serve the similar purpose, but you’ll want to wait until the lipstick has dried completely before applying it. Use smooth fingertips or baby brushes to massage the foundation or Vaseline you have put on the lips.

Makeup Artist’s techniques:

The makeup artists have been utilising this method since many years and it has shown to be an effective solution so that women and ladies with dark lips may also enjoy the range of different hues in lipstick. You may also apply this technique even if you do not have dark lips. The benefit that it will bring is that it will remain longer on it.


The focus of this essay is on how to apply lipstick on lips that are already dark. Makeup artists are the most common users of this method.